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Return to the Golden Age of Rome and claim the riches of the Empire!
Join Augustus, Rome’s first and greatest Emperor, and experience the majesty of the
Roman Empire during the peak of its power and glory!
Master the coinage of the Empire to line up epic Wild Reel wins — Collect two of
Augustus’s gold coins on any reel to turn that reel Wild for the next two spins! Augustus
and his most elite Praetorian guard appear in 1, 2 and 3 high stacks for epic wins!
Reach the inner sanctum of the temple of Augustus and the treasures of the Empire
could be yours! Choose your own path to riches with 1, 2 or 3 random Wild Reels and
25, 8 or 2 free spins. Conquer a full retrigger for truly legendary rewards!
Don the majesty of the purple and take your place alongside Rome’s greatest Emperor
to rule the Ancient World and all its many treasures!

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